It's time to finally start doing things your way

and to stop trying to follow all the business rules created by everybody else


Can we just stop buying into these cookie-cutter business programs? 🤦🏻‍♀️

If you're anything like my clients, you don't believe in taking a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to working with your clients.

You know folks have unique needs, come from different experiences, and require different solutions to the challenges they're facing.

So why is it then that you—somebody who recognizes the autonomy and individuality of others—are still trying to stuff yourself into a neat and tidy business box following step-by-step plans from other entrepreneurs and course creators who are simply regurgitating the things they've done to get them to where they are?

Wouldn't it feel f✨cking fantastic to...

  • Say "no thanks 👋🏼" to outdated marketing strategies that require you to send dozens of DMs a day to people you don't know where you try to be authentic but both you and the recipient know where the convo's going?
  • Stop spending hours scrolling through Instagram Reels each week trying to find trending audios to awkwardly align your content to?
  • Let go of the pressure to hit five-figure months in your business as fast as possible while still holding an expanded vision of the abundance you wish to call in?
  • Legitimately trust in the support and guidance that's available to you at all times? Not just the pretend "I trust I'm always supported" affirmations you've been told to write in your journal...I'm talkin' truly holding a deep sense of trust and surrender.

If any of this feels like a "yeah that'd be nice but..." my friend, I want you to know it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now—doing all the things (and sometimes doing none of the things out of sheer overwhelm), implementing the "proven systems", and downloading every god damn freebie on the internet that promised to help me get more clients. And I've found a way that feels way more easeful and expansive.

Welcome to doing business the 5D way, where you get to step into a higher level of consciousness and stop trying to force your way to success.

If you're wondering WTF 5D business is...

I'm so glad you've asked 😉

See, when you run your business from a 3D level of consciousness (as most business programs encourage you to do) you operate from a place of scarcity, fear, and a lack of trust, both in yourself and in the support that's always available to you.

You view yourself as separate, believing you have to become an "authority figure" in order to prove yourself to your potential clients.

You get caught in self-limiting thoughts and behaviours as you hold back on saying what you really want to say, because what will people think?

And my least fav? You fall into the trap of believing there's a linear relationship between the amount of work you do and the financial success you'll experience.

But when you operate from a 5D level of consciousness...



Believing you have to chase clients through cold DMs, by being visible on every single platform, and spending your days on the content creation hamster wheel.
Knowing you’re already connected to the individuals you’re meant to serve and that your paths have already been divinely orchestrated to bring you together.

Thinking your results come solely from your actions and believing the hustle is a necessary component of experiencing the abundance you’re seeking.
Being real and knowing you still have to show up and put yourself out there, but also trusting in the greater energetic forces that are at play.

Avoiding collaborating with and supporting like-hearted entrepreneurs out of fear they’ll take your place in your already-crowded industry, or even worse...take your potential clients 😱
Knowing there’s room for everyone at the table and offering support and collaboration without expectation of anything in return because you trust these actions will lead you to where you’re meant to go.

If you're seeking guidance in your entrepreneurial journey but you're craving more than being told how many times to post on Instagram each week...

You'll love The 5D Business Academy.

The 5D Business Academy bridges the gap between practical business training, conscious sales and marketing practices, and trauma-aware coaching skills to help coaches, healers, and wellness practitioners thrive in the new paradigm of business.

Lemme spill the tea on what The 5D Business Academy is.

The 5D Business Academy is a 9-module program that will walk you through creating—and expanding—a business that's aligned with your unique vision and values. Unlike other business programs that focus solely on methods and tactics, we take a three-phase approach that focuses on:

  • You—the entrepreneur behind the business.
  • Your soul clients—the qualities and energetics of the folks you're meant to serve.
  • Your conscious sales and marketing strategy (that's created with a little help from Spirit, of course 😉)

By the end of the program, you’ll…

  • Be able to not only identify patterns of self-sabotage and how they manifest in your business, but also be equipped with the tools to help you compassionately navigate them.
  • Have gained clarity on who you're meant to serve at this particular moment in time without feeling as though you have to stifle your creativity.
  • Equip yourself with the tools and energetic boundaries that will allow you to support your clients through deep and meaningful transformations.
  • Develop an understanding of sales and marketing fundamentals both from a 3D and 5D perspective that you can apply to any future marketing adventures.

No fluff. No bullshit. No more doing things the way others say.

"The 5D Business Academy really helped me dial into areas of my personal life and business where I was feeling blocked.

Starting out as an entrepreneur is scary and brings up so much of your own stuff to the surface. I am so glad I had the 5D Academy to support me through it.  

I also loved how Ariana integrated Trauma-informed information into this program as well. The marketing and trauma mixed together really helped me to understand how to authentically show up in my business and market from a compassionate and understanding POV. Seriously so much good info mixed into one bundle- I'm so glad The 5D Business Academy exists!" 

Court Burns, Astrologer and Content Creator

Here's how The 5D Business Academy breaks down...


Bringing More U Into Your Business

Module 1 is all about setting the foundation—cultivating the roots of your business that will continue to blossom. It's work that's seemingly simple and often over-looked, but friend, this is what sets the tone for everything else.

Here's what you'll learn in Module 1:

  • What your Deep Core Why is and why it's an essential component of your business.
  • How to carve out your own unique space in a noisy industry that feels like everyone's already doing and saying the things you want to be doing and saying.
  • Who your Support Squad is (both those in the seen and unseen realms!) and how to call upon them.

The Trauma of Business

Module 2 is all about trauma, the nervous system, and why an understanding of the two is essential if you want to support folks with making lasting changes in their lives. THIS is what's missing from the current landscape of business education

Here's what you'll learn in Module 2:

  • The different types of trauma and how they impact the brain and body.
  • How your traumas may be influencing your experience as an entrepreneur (did somebody say self-sabotage and procrastination??)
  • How to use your understanding of trauma in your work with your clients and to discern when to refer out.

The Shadow Side of Business

In Module 3 you'll take a deep dive into shadow work, looking at the common business shadows and how they lead to self-sabotage, as well as how you can begin to integrate these shadows to free yourself from self-limiting patterns and behaviours.

Here's what you'll learn in Module 3:

  • What the "Shadow Self" actually is (I mean, we hear the term all the time, but do you actually know what it is?)
  • The most common business shadows and how they're manifesting in your business.
  • A different approach to integrating your shadows that doesn't involve hours of journaling or talk therapy.

The New Paradigm of Niching

Module 4 is all about what it means to niche as a multi-passionate, creative entrepreneur. You'll explore how your energetic alignment is way more important than any box you stuff yourself into, as well as how to focus without stifling your creativity.

Here's what you'll learn in Module 4

  • What it means to niche down as a creative entrepreneur
  • The energetic aspect of niching.
  • Using the power of your words as a means for communicating with your dream clients' higher selves and ultimate desires (even if your dream clients don't fit into a neat and tidy box).

Growth-Focused Program Design

In Module 5, you'll learn how to move from the session-by-session model of working with clients and how to create transformational programs that meet your clients where they're at. You'll discover ways to leverage your time to produce more impact and income, and you'll unlock the medicine you're really here to deliver.

Here's what you'll learn in Module 5

  • What it means to support your clients from a Growth-Focused Paradigm rather than a Solution-Focused Paradigm.
  • The pros and cons of offering standalone sessions versus larger packages and programs.
  • Conscious and compassionate assessment tools that will help you meet your clients where they're at.
  • How to actually create a program that supports your clients in getting their desired results.

Space-Holding For Deeper Transformations

Module 6 is a deep dive into the world of coaching and space-holding. You'll not only learn what it really means to be an effective coach and space-holder, but you'll also be given access to my database of coaching tools and exercises that will allow your clients to experience deeper transformations that last far beyond your time together.

Here's what you'll learn in Module 6:

  • What it really means to hold space (this isn't some touchy-feely's an essential skill if you want to do deep work with your clients).
  • How to support your clients' emotional processing and to cultivate energetic boundaries so you can do this work without burning out.
  • Coaching tools, techniques, and exercises that will help you shift your clients' belief systems and empower them to take ownership for their results and lives.

Trauma-Aware, Culturally-Sensitive Sales and Marketing

Module 7 will teach you how to get comfortable with discomfort as you explore topics such as trauma, social justice, and cultural appropriation, and their relevance within the world of sales and marketing. You'll also gain access to a special conversation with a guest facilitator on how we can do our part to make the wellness industry more inclusive.

Here's what you'll learn in Module 7:

  • What "intersectionality" means and how to apply an intersectional lens to your sales and marketing strategies.
  • How to apply what you learned about trauma in Module 2 to your sales and marketing strategies so folks invest in you from a place of excitement rather than fear.
  • What cultural appropriation is and why an understanding of it matters when it comes to marketing (especially for folks operating in the spiritual and wellness industries).

5D Marketing Principles and Tools

In Module 8, you'll explore how to use 3D marketing tools like social media, workshops, and various online marketing strategies from a 5D perspective. You'll also learn how to co-create your offerings with the greater energetic forces that be (because that's how we roll in the 5D!).

Here's what you'll learn in Module 8:

  • The four key principles of marketing from a 5D perspective and how to apply them to any marketing strategy (yup, any!).
  • How to choose which of the many 3D marketing tools available to you will be best suited to you, your soul clients, and your business, as well as how to implement them from a higher state of consciousness.
  • The difference between offering your services on a launch basis versus evergreen and how to decide what's right for you.
  • How to let Spirit support you in creating your marketing didn't think you had to do this all on your own, did you?

5D Sales Principles and Tools

Module 9 will walk you through the wonderful world of sales. If you cringe any time you think of "selling" something, you're going to love this! In addition to identifying the best ways to sell your life-changing products and services, you'll also learn about ways to automate your sales channels so you can make bank while you sleep (if that's your jam, of course).

Here's what you'll learn in Module 9:

  • How to support your potential clients in making decisions about whether or not to invest from an empowered state rather than a fear-based state.
  • What your ideal customer journey looks like and how to gently and compassionately lead folks from being fans of your online content to your dreamiest soul clients.
  • Ways to automate some or all aspects of your sales channels so you can spend less time in your inbox and more time doing what you love—helping people!
  • How trauma and your nervous system may be impacting how you price your services and approach your finances. We were fortunate enough to have Chantel Chapman, founder of What The Finances and co-founder of The Trauma of Money Method facilitate this conversation! 

Because I know how easy it is for courses to end up collecting digital dust, here's how I'm supporting you in actually getting through the material:


At the beginning of the program, I'll be sharing tips to help you stay organized and on track with the course material, because your girl here loves some structure.


You likely already know self awareness is key. I've created a simple yet effective weekly self check-in tool that will help you ensure your actions are aligned with your vision.


Absorbing information is one thing...integrating it is another. Each lesson has supporting documents that will help you apply what you've learned to your unique business, and you'll also receive guided meditations and breathwork journeys for deeper processing.

Enroll in The 5D Business Academy today

with the plan that works best for you:

  • Lifetime access to over 6 hours of self-paced core training lessons in audio and video format
  • Supporting workbooks, documents, and resources
  • Guided meditations and breathwork journeys
  • Access to recorded conversations with special guest facilitators around a variety of topics
  • Ability to access course content via desktop or a convenient app

And for those of you who like a little step-by-step guidance, I've included these bonuses:


Craft Your Signature Program in a Day Workshop

This workshop will literally walk you step-by-step through creating your signature program. Combined with Module 5 of The 5D Business Academy, Growth-Focused Program Design, you'll be ready to launch your next course, program, or offer in no time!


How to Create a Kickass Challenge to Engage Your Online Community

Challenges are an incredibly fun and impactful way to provide value to your community and build your platform. You can use them simply as list-builders, OR you can lead them into a paid offer. In this training I walk you through the challenge creation process I used for 4 years to fill my online programs in my fitness business.


The Masculine + Feminine Sides of Scheduling

If you find yourself feeling resistant towards scheduling or feeling like you're spending all your time working with nothing to show for it, you're going to love these two workshops I have for you! The first is a live training I led for my mastermind around priorities, scheduling, and time management. The approaches taught are more on the masculine side, but they work. If you're looking for a little flow in your schedule, you'll love the second workshop, Syncing Your Menstrual Cycle With Your Business that I facilitated in partnership with Lisa Matthews, Flower Essence Practitioner and HSP Coach.


I'm Ariana.

I'm a Manifesting Generator, Capricorn Sun, and Aquarius Rising and Moon.

What does this mean for you? It means that your guide through this process is incredibly grounded, structured, and organized, but also carries a hefty does of "fuck the rules, let's do things our way".

It also means I don’t fuck around and I know how to get shit done. But not in a hustle-at-all-costs kinda way. Nope, this is an embodied way that knows when to work and how to get it done efficiently, but also to know when to stop, trust, and surrender to the greater energetic forces that be.

In my 10 years of entrepreneurship (30 if you count my years selling rocks and potions in my front yard) I've done it all: offered one-on-ones, group programs, masterminds, online courses, memberships, workshops, e-books, and more.

And through it all, I learned that contrary to what most business gurus say, there's no one "best way" to build your business. It all depends on you and your unique vibe, vision, and values.

I'd love to have the opportunity to guide you as you take your entrepreneurial power back and do things your way.

Ariana is both grounded and extremely intuitive, she can tune into an extra level of insight that gives someone who has a soul-centered business the full spectrum of wisdom...from the practical tools to the more energetic levels. Plus she totally gets the unique challenges that a highly sensitive and intuitive practitioner goes through when it comes to business (like not wanting to ever feel sales-y!!) which helps a lot.

The 5D Business Academy is for you if...

  • You're a coach, healer, wellness practitioner, or spiritual service provider who's ready to grow your online practice in a conscious yet grounded and focused way.
  • You recognize the importance of doing your own healing work as you navigate your entrepreneurial journey, and you know you can only take your clients as deep as you're willing to go yourself.
  • You're committed to living out your purpose, but you're also willing to have some fun along the way and stop taking things so damn seriously!
If you answered "YES" to any of these, The 5D Business Academy is here to guide you.

If you're ready to start serving your soul clients,


If you've read this far, you might be feeling something in your heart nudging you to say "YES" to yourself with The 5D Business Academy.

You may also be noticing the ego charging in with thoughts like "will this actually work for me?" "Will I make the time to get this done?" "Can I actually do this?"

I'm not here to sway your decision in any way. What I am here to do is to encourage you to discern between a genuine need to say "not right now" and your ego's desire to keep you safe. and comfortable. The ego can be a tricky beast, as I'm sure you know by now.

But if your heart's speaking louder than your mind and you're ready to go, let's do this thing.


You may be asking these questions...

Enroll in The 5D Business Academy today

with the plan that works best for you:

  • Lifetime access to over 6 hours of self-paced core training lessons in audio and video format
  • Supporting workbooks, documents, and resources
  • Guided meditations and breathwork journeys
  • Access to recorded conversations with special guest facilitators around a variety of topics
  • Ability to access course content via desktop or a convenient app