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Trauma-Sensitive Coaching for Healers and Practitioners

Even if you don’t intend on becoming a trauma specialist, if you plan to work with humans in any capacity it’s irresponsible not to have a basic understanding of trauma. In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll learn what trauma is and how it impacts the brain & body; the difference between a trauma-aware, trauma-informed, and trauma-centered practice; and trauma-sensitive tools & practices to use with your clients who come from a rich background of life experiences (hint: this will be all of your clients!).


Ready to run your business without all the ick that’s rampant in today’s world of online entrepreneurship?

Download one (or all!) of our free and interactive workshops hand-picked to offer you practical business education through a trauma-informed and spiritual lens. Ground into your foundation so you can let your vision expand.


Business Model Canvas Workshop

Manifestations happen alongside clarity...if you don't actually know what you want, how will the Universe know what to deliver? The Business Model Canvas is a simple one-page document that will give you a holistic look at key areas of your business including revenue streams, marketing channels, partnerships, and more. 


Breathwork and Being Seen

The conversation around visibility can bring up a lot of...stuff. We all have a lot to unpack when it comes to allowing ourselves to be seen in our fullest expression, all for our own different reasons. Breathwork is an incredibly powerful self-healing practice that can allow you to access deeper layers of your Being and release the emotions and energies that are holding you back from stepping into your fullest expression of Self. 


Mapping Your Customer Journey

You want more clients…but what would happen if you woke up tomorrow and saw 20 new people who had signed up to work with you? Would you have the systems in place for smooth and easy onboarding? Or would you be totally overwhelmed?