Craft an Irresistible Offer with the Power of Astrology

In this free workshop, you will:
  • Learn about the ways you’re meant to serve your community according to your unique astrological blueprint. Yep, it’s already written in the stars!

  • Tap in to the power of your sun, moon, and rising signs to create purposeful programs and offerings your dream clients will love. Don’t know how to find your signs? Don’t worry! You’ll also learn the basics of finding your signs in your birth chart.

  • Understand how moon magic can help you reach the clients you were sent to Earth to help, and how to create your programs in a cyclical way that honours your energy. 

In case you're wondering "why does this matter?🤔"

  • Working with your own energetic blueprint creates more ease and flow in your business. Translation? Things don't feel as hard, and you have more energy left for the other important areas in your life.
  • Knowing and owning your unique superpowers means your offers fully represent YOU and your gifts. You won't ever have to struggle trying to fit yourself in someone else's box ever again.
  • Embodying key aspects of your astrological blueprint helps you stand out from the noise in your industry without having to resort to gross sales and marketing tactics. 

Sounds juicy, right? 💫


"Holy F...mind BLOWN 🤯 I'm so glad this community exists!"

"This was so validating!"

"SO helpful, thank you!"


This Workshop is a Must-Watch if...

  • You're a coach, healer, wellness practitioner, or spiritual service provider who's feeling overwhelmed by all the things you could do and just aren't sure where to start. Maybe you need another training or certification first?!
  • You know you're here to pave your own path and want to create something that's truly your own, not just a carbon copy of someone else’s offerings.
  • Decision fatigue is wearing you down and you're tired of second-guessing yourself and wondering if there's space left for you in this noisy online business world.
  • You know how important it is for you to protect your energy so you can be consistent in your business for the long-haul, but you've already started feeling yourself teeter on the edge of burnout.
A Personal Invitation from Your Hosts of The 5D Business Collective

Hey new friend! Ariana and Court here. As a Capricorn Business Strategist and Aquarian Astrologer, we're stoked to have the chance to share the business-expanding powers of astrology with you. 

Here at The 5D Business Collective, we believe in doing things in a different way. YOUR way! We know you didn't come here to do things like everybody else, and by understanding your unique astrological blueprint, you'll be able to step up and share your gifts in a way that feels authentic to you.

Ready to make some magic? We'll see you at the workshop.