Member of the Month: Lisa Matthews- Flower Essence Practitioner

member spotlight Jul 13, 2021

The 5D Collective is filled with some incredible, passionate conscious humans and we're excited to be spotlighting them so you can learn more about the awesome folks you may meet at one of our monthly gatherings. July's Member of the Month is Lisa Matthews, a lovely human who wears multiple hats, as you'll see below!

1. Before we dive in, what’s your name, where are you based out of and how would you describe what you do? 

Hey there! My name is Lisa Matthews and I live in the Kootenays in a lovely mountain town called Rossland.

I support Highly Sensitive People to build a spacious, sustainable, and intentional life. A life that feeds and nourishes them while allowing them to tap into the gifts of being Highly Sensitive (like heightened intuition, a deep access to joy, creativity, empathy, and connecting on a deep level to Nature).

I also help people learn tools, practices and rituals to better navigate the challenges that can show up as a sensitive soul (like overwhelm, sensory overload, perfectionism, challenges with boundaries, and anxiety).

Sacred self-care, work-life balance, and connecting to one’s intuition in a grounded way are all core elements of my work with people.

I share ways to reclaim the wisdom of our menstrual cycles, our moon times. As Highly Sensitives, I believe our sensitivity slightly fluctuates throughout the month, and that our periods provide a unique window to working with our sensitives, instead of against them. Plus it’s pretty life-changing to actually look forward to one’s period and to dance with our inner energies throughout the entire cycle.

In terms of the different hats I wear: I’m a Flower Essence Practitioner, Registered Craniosacral Therapist, and space holder for circles & workshops such as the monthly Awakening Soul Circle. I’m also the host of the Highly Sensitive Soul Podcast. I’ve been in the healing arts for over a decade with a background as a Registered Nurse.

2. How would your best friend describe you?  
Oooh great question. To be honest, they’d likely say I take a lot of space for myself. I love hanging out with those near and dear to me, though I create solo time in my life to recharge and to grow. When we do catch up together, they’d say I love going out for hikes and getting into the woods, or simply hanging out with tea and oracle cards. They tell me I’m pretty calm to be around, and that we can really get into the deep & meaningfuls; the big chats about life, love, and everything in between.
3. What is the most rewarding part of your work?

When someone says, “I finally feel like myself.” When they have cleared out the stories, the tensions, and the overwhelm to a point that they can connect more deeply to their own Inner Nature. This core part of us is always there of course, it just can take some time and space to clear away the film clouding our own inner sense of Self & soul.

I feel that from that place, when someone feels more like themselves, they are then better able to follow their life desires, go for their career goals, create an incredibly sustainable life, and find deep joy. They’re more deeply connected to their soul and its whispering (or shouting), and that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for them.

4. When did you join The Collective and how did you find out about it?
I’m happy to say I’ve been here from the very beginning of 5D :) I love Ariana Fotinakis' work, from her intuitive coaching, refreshing business perspectives, and her in-depth breathwork sessions. I’ve worked with her for years and have taken some of her business programs before this and absolutely loved them. I found out about the 5D Collective through her and have been so grateful to be a part of this awesome group and business movement.
5. Do you know your Sun/Moon/Rising?
Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon and Libra Rising. There’s a lot of air element in my chart foooor sure with the double Libra there. And I love being a Scorpio, with the deep energies this sign brings. I feel like a newbie to Astrology though have been learning a ton through the Astro Biz Circles by Courtney Burns (which I love).

6. Do you know your Human Design profile?
I’ve just learned it as I finally found out my birth time (which took a bit of work to discover, well worth it though). I’m a straight up Generator :) I know there are a number of elements in my profile, not exactly sure what they all mean though I’m keen to learn more!
7. What would the autobiography of your life be titled?  

“The One Who Liked to Nap.”

Haha not quite, though I do love a good nap. I find I no longer need them quite as much anymore (they were a keystone in life for a long while as I was healing from illness earlier in life).

Really, I think an autobiography of my life would be called “For the Love of Flowers.”

Flowers, and all of Nature really, have been pivotal to my healing journey and my spiritual practice. Flower essences have taken it all to a different level and there is something very special about working with flowers as medicine. They inform me on many levels and I love working with plants and flowers everyday of my life.

8. Can you share an unexpected lesson from your entrepreneurial journey?
Oh gosh. There are many, so many. Right from the beginning, a lesson I’ve learned (and didn’t expect) is that my business is a spiritual practice.

It is a way to grow, to learn about myself, to heal, to challenge myself, and to see all my shadow elements begin to come to light.

As a spiritual and Highly Sensitive person, I struggled with having work earlier in life that didn’t feel meaningful. That didn’t feel purposeful or aligned with that inner nudge that said, there’s something else you’re meant to be doing with this life.

Opening my own practice and business has completely transformed my relationship to myself, and it continues to teach me everyday...which is something I did not expect at all. It ain’t like showing up at work just to clock in and clock out, that’s for sure! I’m grateful for the lessons and teachings of being on this entrepreneurial journey.

9. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
“Break it down” - My Mom. Whenever I’d get all up in my head about something, when I’d get lost, overwhelmed, or unsure how to begin something, my Mom would always tell me to break it down. Break it into smaller pieces, something I can do at that moment, and then to do the next part after that. It’s a short statement that packs a lot of wisdom in it when I apply it to life.
10. Who inspires you?

Cedar trees. I know I’m meant to say a person here. But to me, Plants are people too. Cedars have an incredible capacity to grow (sometimes in unlikely places) and to bring calm, clearing, and even protective energy to all who encounter them. I hiked to a waterfall on the weekend and there, just off to the side of the falls were a few Cedars growing on a near sheer face of rock. Wow.

I have been blessed to live near plenty of forests filled with Cedars when growing up in North Vancouver, and when we were looking to move out of the city, there was this one beautiful house with a small stand of Cedars right next to it. I knew it was for us, and we happily live here now.

Cedars are strong and gentle beings, with a soothing energy that I love connecting too. No matter what’s going on in life, the Cedars are standing strong, and sharing their deep medicine with the world.

Be sure to connect with Lisa on Instagram at @combinationhealing and check out her website!

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