Member of the Month: Dr. Katie Gaskin | Chiropractor & CCMI Concussion Practitioner

member spotlight Feb 22, 2022

The 5D Collective is filled with some incredible, passionate conscious humans and we're excited to be spotlighting them so you can learn more about the awesome folks you may meet at one of our monthly gatherings. February's Member of the Month is Dr. Katie Gaskin, Chiropractor & CCMI Concussion Practitioner.

1. Before we dive in, what’s your name, where are you based out of and how would you describe what you do?

My name is Dr. Katie! :) I’m from Toronto, ON and am currently based out of Vancouver, BC. I am a chiropractor, strength & conditioning coach, and former professional hockey player. I have a special focus in the management of sports injuries, concussions, chronic pain, and preventative active therapy. My individualized approach is based on functional movement screening, lifestyle management, and neurological pain pattern assessment. I enjoy working with anyone who wants to learn how to incorporate more movement into their life, how to prevent injuries, and how to maintain an active lifestyle for the long-term.

2. How would your best friend describe you?  
My best friend might describe me as someone who loves to laugh, cares deeply about others, and is motivated to positively impact the world around me. I love to be outside in nature, try new sports & activities, and learn new things about different people/cultures.

3. What is the most rewarding part of your work?
I love meeting new people, learning about their experiences and goals for the future. I am grateful everyday for the opportunity to hold space for my clients, and to help guide them on their health journey. One of the most important parts of long-term change is learning how to work WITH (rather than against) your mind & body, learning how to maintain your ideal work/rest balance, and understanding what “baby steps” might look like for you as you work toward your health goals. Seeing my clients find this balance and finally get on track toward their long-term goals is what gets me really excited to go to work each day.

4. When did you join The Collective and how did you find out about it? 
I joined sometime during summer 2021 — I heard about 5D through following Court Burns/Bravely Beautiful on IG :)

5. Do you know your Sun/Moon/Rising?
Aries / Gemini / Virgo
6. Do you know your Human Design profile?
I’m a manifesting generator!
7. What would the autobiography of your life be titled? 
“Trusting What’s Within: A Journey Toward Letting Go & Leaning In”

8. Can you share an unexpected lesson from your entrepreneurial journey?
This journey has really opened my eyes to how I treat myself during times of stress. For as long as I can remember, I have a tendency to neglect my own needs and approach situations with an “all or nothing” or perfectionistic approach. I used to think that this was a good thing; that this would put me ahead of the game. However, after working crazy hours for two years and completely burning myself out in the process, I realized that I’d been repeatedly cycling through periods of extreme workload/stress and periods of burnout/rest throughout my life. Since this realization, I’ve been slowly learning how to maintain balance in my life and listen to & respect my body’s needs.

9. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
The piece of advice that I’ve been meditating on recently is to be curious and let go of resistance to the present moment. Some parts of your life will not always be going the way you want or expect them to — let them be. Be curious about your thoughts & your experience with the environment around you, without judgement. Trust the process!

10. Who inspires you?
My partner and my dog inspire me to seek adventure and be my authentic self! My clients and kids that I coach (I coach youth hockey) inspire me to show up, work hard toward my goals & put my best foot forward each day.
Be sure to connect with Katie on her instagram or book with her here.
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