Investing in branding for your intuitive business

Branding For Your Intuitive Business

"Should I invest in branding if I'm just starting out?"

If you're wondering this, you're not alone! It's easy to feel overwhelmed by logos, web design, Instagram aesthetics, and allll the things...especially if you don't have an eye for design, like me! 

But investing in branding is a big decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Today we're sharing tips & advice that will help you decide whether or not investing in branding is the right decision for you right now.

We cover: 

  • What branding actually is
  • Whether or not you need customized branding to start your business
  • DIY options if you're not ready to hire someone yet 

What is Branding?

We often think of branding as the visual aesthetic of a business—the logo, colours, fonts, Instagram aesthetic, and more. And while the visual component is definitely an important aspect, branding is really what people say about your business. It's how they view you and how they feel when they interact with you. 

Essentially, it's what people say about your business when you're not around.

We spend so much time making things look beautiful without taking a deep dive into how we want people to feel when they engage with our brand or the words or associations we hope will come to mind when they think of us. This is where the real magic lies.

A practice that we love here at The 5D Business Collective is helping our clients and students connect with the Spirits of their businesses. Even if you have a personal brand, your business is still its own entity with its own energetic imprint. You can meditate on or journey to the Spirit of your business to gain insight on some crucial pieces of your brand.

"What are the main values of my business?"

"How does my business want to make people feel?"

"How do we want to show up in the world?"

Clarity from these questions can then be embodied through the visual component of your brand, the content you create, and the ways in which you show up. 

Do You Need Custom Branding to Start Your Business?

No. Simple as that. But let me elaborate, because many will disagree with me 😉

I've seen so many people hold off on their dreams because they didn't have all the pieces in place yet. They didn't have a name, a logo, a website...all these things they deemed "important". Which, sure. They are important. But they aren't that important. 

If you have a service that can help someone, there's literally nothing stopping you from reaching out to someone you think could be a fit, telling them about how you can help them, and asking them if they're interested. You aren't guaranteed a client if you do that, but having a logo also won't help your chances.

Our motto here is to start messy. You came here for a bigger purpose, not to sit back and wait until everything is perfect to start. There are people who are ready to be supported by you right now. They don't care what your Instagram feed looks like. They care that you can help them.

As you gain experience and grow and evolve in your work, it's likely that your brand will grow and evolve as well. You'll gain more clarity on your values. You'll likely discover the demographic you thought you wanted to support doesn't actually light you up. 

All of these things are okay and are part of the process of growth as an entrepreneur. Rather than avoiding shifts and changes and pivots, let's embrace them! Because—hooray!—that means we're growing. And we like growth, right?

DIY Branding Options

In addition to connecting with the Spirit of your business like I mentioned above (which, realistically, is the most important Brand Guide you'll consult with), There are a number of tools and platforms you can use to make an aesthetically-pleasing brand on your own without breaking your bank.

  • Canva. Who doesn't love Canva? You can make images for social media, logos, details for your website, and now you can even make a full website in Canva (more on that in another post). 

  • Creative Market. Creative Market is a dream for both design junkies and folks like myself who just don't know how to make things look nice. You can purchase pre-made logo and brand element kits, fonts, social media templates, and more. Some elements require Photoshop, but many can be used in Canva. 

  • Unsplash. Unsplash is a great place to find beautiful royalty-free stock images. You can use these on your website or on your social media channels. While you aren't required to credit the photographer, it's always a nice gesture. 

Remember: you don’t need all these pieces in place before you get started. The ego will want to make you believe you do. It wants to keep you safe, and it wants you to believe people won’t take you seriously. 

Acknowledge it. Thank it. Let it go. And then get out there and make some damn magic.