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The 5D Business Manifesto:

We believe in spiritual business education and coaching. Through this, we value the inner work just as much as the outer work because we trust that the more we grow and expand, the more our businesses grow and expand.

We look beyond the surface of our clients, our businesses, and ourSelves and trust that when we dive deeper, we’ll find the lasting transformation we're looking for.

We do not view people as leads, numbers, or competitors because we understand that we are all simply reflections of one another.

We let go of the hustle mentality because we trust that everything happens when it's meant to happen. We look to Nature as our teacher for right timing.

We believe that abundance is about more than money—it applies to opportunities to serve, spaces to occupy. We know there is room for each of us at the table.

We trust ourselves. We trust our visions. Our beliefs. Our values. And while we can still ask for support from and learn from others, ultimately, we do so with the understanding that it contributes to the wisdom that already lives inside of us.

"As one individual changes, the system changes."
– Ram Dass
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Ariana Fotinakis (she/her), Founder


Not your typical "business professional", Ariana believes a company is only as strong as the individuals running it. She brings a unique blend of business strategy, deep inquiry, breathwork, neuroscience, and earth medicine into her work with her clients to facilitate lasting personal and professional expansion.

As the founder of The 5D Business Collective, she’s in her 10th year of entrepreneurship (26 years if you count her early days selling coffee in her front yard and negotiating wages for washing the walls in her family's restaurant). Ariana spent the early years of her business learning from some of the top names in the online marketing industry, and while some teachings were helpful, many felt off and misaligned with her values. Through her own healing journey, she learned to untangle her business practices from those rooted in colonial and capitalist ideologies so she could walk the entrepreneurial path in a good way.

Her entrepreneurial endeavours have included a personal training business that served 100s of women across the globe, a life coaching practice, a community for wellness entrepreneurs with offline and online events that brought together over 400 souls, offline and online breathwork circles, and decolonial facilitation for individuals and large corporate institutions.

When she’s not working, Ariana loves exploring the world through her daughter’s eyes, taking care of her chickens, tending to the land she lives on, and searching for cold bodies of water to swim in.

The 5D Business Collective Values


 We see "competition" as a colonial construct and we view our peers as collaborative partners. We adopt an abundance mindset and believe there's more than enough room for everybody at the table.


We keep our community inclusive, welcoming entrepreneurs from all levels and backgrounds into our spaces. We celebrate those who are doing their part to make their industry more accessible.


It is our responsibility to act upon our desires to make the world a better place. Every single individual on this planet has a gift the world needs, and it's our responsibility to share those gifts.


We believe in a holistic approach when it comes to business, serving our clients, and serving ourselves. We look beyond the surface and the strategy to make space for the inner expansion that allows for outward transformation.

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